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Captain’s Log: Supplemental 

Alright dudes and ladies. I came back from a weekend away to a whole gaggle of new followers. So firstly, HI! Welcome to the sweater closet!

Secondly, it’s been brought to my attention that there are in fact a FINITE number of Wesley sweaters and I’m burning through them pretty quickly. With this in mind, I’ve decided to expand the focus of this blog to encompass the Enterprise as a whole. Because while Wesley’s sweaters are indeed MIND BOGGLINGLY AMAZING, it’s a shame that I have to neglect important moments in space fashion such as this:

and this:

I’ll probably be switching up URLs at some point soon to reflect the change, but I have to think of something clever first so don’t hold your breath.

Entries in Wesley’s Sweater Closet will be tagged accordingly, of course, in the event you get sick of seeing Picard’s bare chest and just want to cut to the good stuff.

Thank you for your time and your follows!